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SW 2019: Change to Manually Typing File Names in Open Dialogue

Question asked by Iain Hendry on Mar 19, 2019
Latest reply on Sep 8, 2020 by Iain Hendry

Preface: Using 2019, SP2, with PDM.


Previous behaviour (xxxx-2018) of SolidWorks permitted typing in the File>Open Dialogue Box, to quickly drill down to a file.


For example.  We have all our fittings from FESTO in a folder.  Instead of scrolling to find the right fitting in a lot of hundreds, it's much quicker to simply start typing in the "File name:" field at the bottom.  By default, the cursor is already highlighted and ready to accept text input here.


However, 2019 has now changed this behaviour that it "interrupts" you the moment you type the first character.  You can type a second or third, then it interrupts again.  Give it a try - this has essentially rendered this feature useless now.


Is anyone else frustrated by this and has found a workaround?


Thanks in advance,