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RTX 2080 will not render anything

Question asked by Rhys Sargent on Mar 18, 2019
Latest reply on Mar 19, 2019 by Bastian Krueckberg

Hi there

Im a student working on a uni project and im trying to render my images through visualize. I recently upgraded my GPU from a GTX970 (which worked perfectly on dedicated GPU rendering) to an RTX 2080 which will not render anything. I cannot get it to render when dedicated to the GPU, it will fail if the 3D viewport is dedicated to the GPU, and hybrid rendering does not add any benefit as it does the render in the exact same amount of time as a CPU render. My system specs are as follows:

CPU - I7 8700k

16GB 3000mhz DDR4
250gb Nvme
RTX 2080
Asus Prime z-370e MOBO



Any help is greatly appreciated,