Steven Billeter

DraftSight Free Appears to be No More

Discussion created by Steven Billeter on Mar 19, 2019
Latest reply on Jan 13, 2021 by Tom Gagnon

Yesterday I was made aware that DraftSight looked like it no longer had a free option. I usually try to keep up on these things, but was unaware this change was coming. Then I saw on the "Kitty Dump" thread that others were seeing the same things. Wanted to start a separate thread for this and any other information that might be changing with respect to DraftSight.


This morning I also discovered there is a DraftSight specific blog that showed these changes earlier this year back in February.

SOLIDWORKS World 2019 – DraftSight Review - DraftSight Blog - DraftSight Blog


Just wanted to make sure I was passing along information as I became aware of it.


One of the most important pieces of information so far is this.

Once you download and install DraftSight 2019 (free 30-day trial or purchased version), you will no longer be able to redownload or access any previous free version of DraftSight (2018 or earlier).