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Motion Study: Car moves in wrong direction

Question asked by John Munroe on Mar 18, 2019
Latest reply on Apr 11, 2019 by Inho Sung


I'm trying to simulate a 6 wheeled rover moving on a surface in a Motion Study. I have added just one rotary motor to one of the 6 wheels (front right), but the result is the rover still moving in a straight line. The surface and the wheels have the following friction parameters:


v_k = 10.16mm/s

u_k = 0.89


There is gravity set as well. Anyone know why the rover moves in a straight line when the expected outcome should be moving in a curve?


I've attached all the files.


EDIT: I've tried adding 3 motors on one side each turning at 1000RPM in one direction and 3 motors on another each turning at 1000RPM in reverse. The vehicle turns of 0.2s and veers off in a straight line. That's quite unexpected. Here's a video (link).


I've attached the motion study here.


Any thought appreciated.