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Advanced select in assemblies

Question asked by Aleksandras Korolkovas on Mar 19, 2019




I found advanced select in assemblies very useful but work of filters is still some mystery to me. Seems they have some undescribed restrictions. Maybe someone has more knowledge whit it. As a sample:



Parts and subassemblies have configuration specific properties with text values:

1) description: from one to few words

2) dozen of other parameters for production: marking have only "+" value or empty string (it is like yes or no, but we cant use cause of visualization in the BOM for production)

3) Other parameters not interesting for this example.



So, when i try advanced select using filter based on custom property "description" (picture below), it works


but if i use filter based on custom property "HasBends" which can have value "+" or empty string, it fails. I getting message "nothing to select", but I am sure, there is components, which meets this condition.


Can someone explain me why it not work?