Carrie Ives

Templates and tangent edge display

Discussion created by Carrie Ives on Mar 28, 2009
Latest reply on Oct 14, 2014 by Karl Wooster
I have a drawing template. I added a pre-defined view to that template and then projected views from it so I would have my 3 plan views and an Iso view. In the drawing template, I changed the tangent line display of the Iso view to be with font. I verified that the plan views had their tangent line display as removed. I then saved the template. When I create a new drawing with that template, the Iso view tangent lines are removed. I have my system options set so that my tangent lines in new views will be removed.

If I change the system option to be tangent lines with font, the 3 plan views come in with their tangent lines removed and the Iso view comes in with its tangent lines displayed with font.

How is Solidworks supposed to behave? Is it just my build? I'm on SP 2.2 of Solidworks 2007.