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    Templates and tangent edge display

    Carrie Ives
      I have a drawing template. I added a pre-defined view to that template and then projected views from it so I would have my 3 plan views and an Iso view. In the drawing template, I changed the tangent line display of the Iso view to be with font. I verified that the plan views had their tangent line display as removed. I then saved the template. When I create a new drawing with that template, the Iso view tangent lines are removed. I have my system options set so that my tangent lines in new views will be removed.

      If I change the system option to be tangent lines with font, the 3 plan views come in with their tangent lines removed and the Iso view comes in with its tangent lines displayed with font.

      How is Solidworks supposed to behave? Is it just my build? I'm on SP 2.2 of Solidworks 2007.

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          Jeff Mirisola
          After you saved the template, did you save the sheet format? Open the template, make sure everything is as you want it, save. Then, with the template still open, File->Save sheet format.
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            Mahir Abrahim
            I can recreate what you're seeing in 2009 SP3.0. SW is definitely treating ortho views differently than iso views. It doesn't seem to matter whether the iso is a Model View or Projected View, SW overwrites the template iso's tangent setting with the one specified in System Options. Looks like a bug, or at least an enhancement request. Tangent display should be treated the same across all types of drawing template views. In the meantime, since I'm guessing you'll be creating a decent number of drawings, you could write a macro to automate changing the tangent edge setting for Drawing View4 (the iso) or the currently selected view. Then setting that macro to a hotkey would at least replace the annoyance of Rightclick>"Tangent Edge">"Tangent Edges with Font" with a single key press.

            I don't see how the sheet format would effect the display of drawing template views. The sheet format is just a collection of lines/text that make up the the title block, border, etc. It doesn't hold any information about drawing views that reside on the sheet layer (as opposed to the sheet format layer).
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              Jason Skerritt

              Has there been any update on this?  I am having the same issue in 2012 SP4.0.

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                Karl Wooster

                OK, so I'm using 2013 SP5.0 and am having the exact same issue. I created 2 ortho views and a projected iso-like view. I then set the iso-like view to tangent edges with font and both of the ortho views to tangent edges removed. When I create a new drawing using the template, the iso-like view comes in with tangent edges removed and the ortho views have tangent edges shown (not with font, just shown with regular line weight). Also, the iso-like view is aligned with the first view such that it is directly above it and I have to break alignement to make it show up where I want it. This picture shows how it comes in and the second picture shows how I want it.

                How it comes in.JPG

                How I want it.jpg

                I also have my settings set up so that new views come in tangent edges not shown, which might explain the iso view, but doesn't explain the two ortho views. It actually does almost exactly opposite of what I ask it to, except for the with font vs shown difference.


                This has got to be a bug, right? It might seem intentional if all views behaved the same, but when different views are treated differently, something can't be right.


                If anyone knows how to fix any of these issues, it would be greatly appreciated.