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Pack and Go and mismatched internal ID errors

Question asked by Geoff Patterson on Mar 18, 2019

Hello all,
New to the forums here. Every time I create a Pack n Go and open the new assembly file, I get about 40 internal ID errors in a Pack and Go of over 400 files.


My back-end SW knowledge is pretty limited, so I am probably mismanaging my files in some way. My guess is the Pack and Go function is creating new files with new internal IDs, but that should not be the case? Can anyone point out a common mistake that would cause this error?


Here is my process if it helps:-Open assembly in SW (stored in a folder on my Desktop)

-Open Pack and Go window

-Save Pack and Go to a new folder on my Desktop (without unchecking or changing any files in the Pack and Go window)

-Close SW

-Reopen SW

-Browse for and open new assembly file in the just-created folder.

-Internal ID error dialogues appear


I appreciate any answers and will provide any more information if needed. Thank you!