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eDrawings 2019 verification code and APP-V

Question asked by Joakim Lundmark on Mar 18, 2019
Latest reply on Mar 18, 2019 by Alex Taguchi


I'm trying to get the free version of eDrawings 2019 to work with APP-V for distribution within my organisation. We are running in to a wall when it comes to the verification code that's seems to be created on each macine and also seems to be unique for each machine. This is obviously an issue when it come to a packaging method as APP-V since the installation will be a recording and the verification code will be from that machine that the original installation was made. We are getting prompted to register the software on each machine we distribute the software to.


We have digged deep to see if we can find exactly what the installation does when the verification code is created by localizing every "start process" during the installation, and we even managed to export the DLL from the MSI-file that seems to have "set_VerificationCode" as parameter. But we can't recreate the creation of the code.


I'm about to give up. Is there any way to get around the verification code, or a way to run the "command" to create the verification code during the distribution ourselfs?