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When exporting drawing to PDF, *some* linetype settings are ignored & changed back to their default.

Question asked by Andrew Neefe on Mar 19, 2019
Latest reply on Mar 19, 2019 by Glenn Schroeder

Below is a top-down view of part of an assembly with several components in view. One component has its linetype set entirely to phantom, as it's not technically included in the assembly, but its position needs to be shown relative to everything else. Because of this, I manually changed the linetypes of all components beneath the phantom component to solid, as they would be shown as dashed by default (if there's a quicker way to show a phantom object, by all means let me know). Within Solidworks, everything looks fine. Once it's exported, some of the lines I've changed stay solid, but others revert back to dashed.



SW linetype probs.png


Both images are the same top-down view; SW on the left, PDF on the right.


The blue arrows point to the component edges with a linetype manually set to "solid" which are showing up correctly in the PDF.


The red arrows point to the component edges with linetypes manually set to "solid" or "phantom" but which are ignored in the PDF.


ALL manually set edges are showing up correctly within SW before exporting.


ALL would be shown as dashed by default because they're obscured beneath the top face of the phantom component.


1. How might I display the "dashed" components (red arrows) as solid while keeping the "phantom" component in the assembly drawing?


2. Why is one linetype showing up correctly while the others – which are right next to them and obscured by the same phantom component – being stubborn?


THANK YOU in advance for clearing this up and educating me (I'm a student and still very much learning the ins and outs of SW).