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Need help with Boundary Boss/Base and Offset Surface

Question asked by Chris McRae on Mar 17, 2019
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I'm still a Solidworks beginner and need some advice. I expect similar questions have been asked and answered, but I haven't found them yet.


I have a Boundary Boss/Base and I want to create an Offset Surface from it, but there seems to be a problem with the way I've done things.


First, the offset surface is created successfully with a distance of 0 and with a distance of 0.005m. However, it fails with a range of distances between those values. For example, with an offset distance of 0.0005m, the error is "unable to offset...please try a smaller offset distance". With a distance of 0.0009m, the error is "the resulting surface is self-intersecting". What is it about my model that results in this behavior?


The other problem is that, even when the offset surface command completes successfully, the resulting surface is not quite what I expect - the edges don't come together cleanly at a corner that I need to use. One of the attached screenshots shows the problem, the other shows the preview when editing the offset feature. How can I change my model to get better results?


Thanks very much for your help!