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SolidWorks User Group Network team at the Boston Walk for Hunger

Discussion created by Daniel Ferrucci-Herzberg on Mar 16, 2019

Hi all!


As the leader of the Boston Area SolidWorks User Group, I've created a SolidWorks User Group Network team to participate in the Walk for Hunger, for anyone in the Boston area. I've only just created the team, so the landing page is a bit sparse, but please take a look, and consider joining the walk, contributing financially, or just sharing with your colleagues and friends. You don't have to be a member of a user group to join (but maybe you'll be inspired to join one by the end of the day)!


2019 Walk for Hunger: SOLIDWORKS User Group Network - Project Bread - The Walk for Hunger


The Walk takes place on May 5th, and you can choose to walk anywhere between 3 and 20 miles - my goal is 7.5 this year. There's also a 5k run for those of you more physically inclined.



I really hope that we can all get together for a fun day of walking, show our SolidWorks pride, and really make an impact!



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