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Negative inertia

Question asked by Adel Saade on Mar 16, 2019

Hello, well I've been using SolidWorks to do a spider robot with 8 legs (4 on each side) (the legs are crank-rocker mechanism) I tried to see the motion analysis using only 4 legs just on one side to see that everything is working well but I got this message:

Time 0.000000E+0: Acceleration computation failed to converge after 25 iterations.

Equation with the largest imbalance: Part/282 Phi Torque Imbalance = -3.655562685E+0

Variable receiving largest increment: Part/2 X Acc Delta = 0.000000000E +0

1) Check mass and inertia properties to ensure they are valid.

2) Make sure the choice of units is appropriate for the system. Systems that have very small inertias may benefit from "small"    force units, e.g., dynes.

3) Check that motion generators are valid and no redundant constraints exist.

4) Check if impact functions caused a strange response in the model (verify properties).

5) An IMPLICIT DIFF element which does not reference DIF1 must be satisfied by its IC.


                                   well, I tried to see the mass properties and find out that my Lxy is negative and my Lzx is negative too (moment of inertia) knowing that it can b=never be negative. Do you know how I can solve the problem? I am stuck with that .. it has been 3 days while I am looking for a way to solve it