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Troubleshooting: File Save, Save as, results in File not Found Error

Question asked by Philip Trinh on Mar 17, 2019
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I've been using Solidworks 2018-2019 SP03 Student version (registered and installed January 2019 - so 2 months into the 12 month allowance) and am having issues saving files.


It used to work, but now for some reason whenever I "save" or "save as" a nonsensical error pops up stating "File not be Found"... which shouldn't be an error as I'm trying to make this file (especially in the "Save as" case) LOL.


I tried the normal troubleshooting steps to no avail, making sure drivers were up to date, antivirus wasn't interfering, etc. but this is a huge problem since it's preventing me from saving any files. I even tried opening up a totally blank document and saving it to no avail. I also tried saving to different directories in case it was a permission thing (Desktop, my docs, etc...). So I think that eliminates that my files were corrupted as blank docs don't even work - it appears to be a SolidWorks thing - my other programs can "save as" without issues (MS office, etc..).


Steps to Reproduce Error:

Open Solidworks

Open an existing part or assembly or even a blank part

File -> Save (or Save as)

Browse to directory and Click "Save"


SolidWorks Save As Error.PNG


Wondering if anyone can help me with this error - I phoned into the support number but being a student I doubt support will get to me any time soon (companies being higher priority of course). It's been almost a week already...


Thanks in advance,