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How to drive dimensions in a configured part from the assembly level

Question asked by Rory Mulligan on Mar 17, 2019
Latest reply on Mar 22, 2019 by Thomas Morness

Hey guys, I hope someone can help with this issue.


I have an assembly with a virtual part inside that is controlled by sketches in the assembly.

The virtual part is basically a column that will change in length and spec.

There will be various parts constrained to the column and it will get quite complex.

My intention is to use a design table to change the sketches and update the part geometry.


Once the sketches are modified, they update the virtual part.

Changing between configurations works fine; however, when the assemblies are inserted into another assembly, they retain the geometry of the last saved configuration.


I want to create over 100 configurations of the assembly where the part file has changed.

So far, I can only achieve what I need using two design tables; one in the part file updating the column spec, and another in the assembly changing the part configurations.


Has anyone got any suggestions of how to do this?