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can solidworks cam drill a hole at a point from cad?

Question asked by Nick Crowhurst on Mar 16, 2019
Latest reply on Mar 18, 2019 by Nick Crowhurst

I design sea kayaks and place the designs free and open source at   I have just sent one of my QCAD .dxf files to a CNC cutting company here in the U.K, and was told that they could not drill 1.5 mm diameter holes in the approximately 100 stitching holes  on the perimeters of the 3 mm thick plywood panels because their Solidworks CAM requires a circle, not a point to make a hole. This has not been an issue with other CNC companies I have used in the USA, but I do not know which CAM they were using. I can change from points to holes in QCAD, but this entails an error prone procedure involving blocks, block recursions and other nasties. Also, this more than trebles the file size, exceeding the attachment limit on my email. This is inconvenient. I see that FastCAM offers a "point to hole" procedure for drilling.

Is there a solution within Solidworks CAM?

With thanks, from Nick Crowhurst, of CNC Kayaks (a not -for-profit retirement pastime)