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Why do Variants Cause Duplicate Entries in BOM?

Question asked by Andrey Shmakov on Mar 16, 2019

When creating a simple assembly with component variants, the varied components end up duplicated in the BOM. The quantity is double and the reference designators are listed twice, this appears in the BOM Configuration window (shown below) and also in the exported BOM,


Why may this be happening? I have tried every variant configuration option I can find and cannot prevent this from happening. Note I am varying the entire component and not only a parameter/comment (which works without issue). I have verified that it is pin compatible and identical footprint.





Steps I take


1. Create Design in Solidworks PCB 2018.4

2. Vary Components using Variants Window to pin compatible and footprint identical component variation, or "Not FItted"

3. Generate BOM produced with "Generate Outputs"

4. Unvaried components are correct, Not fitted components are correct Varied Parameter are correct, Varied components are duplicated,








Thank You,

-Andrey Shmakov