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Please define elastic modulus problem

Question asked by Marius Tondel Eliassen on Mar 16, 2019


I have made a very simple geometry of a soda glass bottle 1:1 in an attempt to run a modal analysis, for calculating it's resonant frequencies. I am interested in both acoustic and structural modes, so the bottle assembly is divided into two parts - the air volume in the cavity (which I made a solid part of through intersect function), and the bottle itself. I have defined the material I think for both parts. In new study I chose frequency of course, and the meshing went well it seemed, however now I am at the point of analysis and when I click on run study I get the message "please define elastic modulus in the material properties". I am sure I have already defined these properties as I can see it under materials for both parts in the simulation feature tree on the left side. However, the Material properties window looks a bit weird in my version of SW (see attachment). What can I do? I am kind of stuck with this now and need a solution as this is part of my home exam.

Please understand that I am new to SW and CAD software in general so if you have a solution, please try to explain in simpler terms

I am running the SW 2015 version with a University license.