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How to check non-straight edges (in surfaces) in order to 'extend' edges in corners?

Question asked by Pierre-Antoine Mangeret on Mar 15, 2019
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I am doing the Surfacing training path in MySolidWorks.

The idea is to repair a STEP file that that is not fully correct.

I am trying to reproduce the steps given in the following video, 'Presentation 2', @3:15:


Best is to get the file directly from the training and make an offset at 0 m of the large surface, then hide the 'imported' feature:


Basically, their are doing an Extend Surface, and it works instantly, extending also in the corners:


However, in my case, if I take the raw part, I cannot:

I get why, the blue edge on the left is not a straight line, but rather something wavy.

(Why is the right point marking intersect, but not on the edge? The view is normal to the surface, which is a plane.)


So, I did an extend, then a trim using a sketch line:


I have my straight line.

I do not have an extend in the corner:


The other line looks good visually, but I tried the same thing just in case: extend then trim

Now, I can extend!


Three questions now.

How can I check:

- how can I check on a line, or in a surface, which lines are straights and which one aren't?

- the corner (is there anything that can tell me if the corner is clean (two straight line intersecting)?

- how would you have made the extend work in the corner?


That was a good learning.. but why learning files so far off from the tutorial?

The import errors are not even the same between the video and what my version tells me (2019).

Basically, I deleted this corner because the video shows how to repair it, but mine is already clean when I check the surface (and the lines too).