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    Quadro and GeForce on the same machine

    Akiva Litinsky



      I have Quadro P5000 and GeForce GTX 1080 Ti.

      I cannot make them work together on WIndows 10.

      When I install the Quadro driver, it disable the GeForce and vice-versa.


      Does anyone having any idea how to work them together ?



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          Ron Bates

          You could try to use NVIDIA Control Panel (RMB on desktop, NVIDIA Control Panel) and under Manage 3D Settings, go to Program Settings, and add Visualize (it not already in the list).  Set CUDA GPU's to All.  ...If they're both listed.  I don't have the same setup to confirm.  Just an idea to try.


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            Neil Larsen

            If other solutions don't work you could try modifying the driver to install for both types -

            > unzip the Quadro whql.exe with 7zip and modify the nv_dispwi.inf (in Display.Driver) listings to include the GeForce card- there are a few places to do that - and install and it should recognise both. I have done this for years for Win 7 - not sure if it is exactly the same for Win 10 but it will be similar.

            It would be better to pick a Quadro driver where there is also a Geforce driver with the same reference number - that is there is a Quadro driver abc.xyz for the 5000 and a Geforce driver abc.xyz for the 1080

            Try a search of 'Nvidia INF driver modding' to get help on how to do this. You may find a recent .inf on guru3d forums although those usually are changed to list all cards which is probably unnecessary.

            Hope that helps. Sorry I'm too busy to assist further other than to point you in the direction of a solution