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Why aren't coordinate system mates reliable?

Question asked by Andy Abate on Mar 15, 2019
Latest reply on Mar 18, 2019 by Frederick Law

Is this a bug, and is there any hope of it being corrected? (Possibly related to Re: Coordinate systems mating using Mate References flips axes)


I am frequently running into situations where a CS->CS or Origin->CS mate does not correctly align the coordinate systems. You'd think that this is the most trivial mate to solve (no actual solving is necessary, just place the part where specified), but for some reason SW does not seem to get it right.


You can get the mate to solve properly if you edit it, uncheck "align axes" then recheck it (so no actual change to the mate), then re-commit it. However, the error can return when the assembly is closed and re-opened (seemingly random whether it mates correctly or incorrectly).


I hope someone here has good advice, since the VAR will just say the file is corrupted and I have to rebuild it (which everyone here knows is a non-answer).


Thank you!