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edrawings version / revision history

Question asked by Matthew Brahm on Mar 14, 2019
Latest reply on Mar 15, 2019 by Eero Luotio

Alright, something that should be quick and simple to search for, but unfortunately I haven't been able to find documentation for it.  I am trying to run a report through Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager (WQL query), that will find what computers have what versions of Edrawings viewer installed, so that I can make sure everyone is upgraded to 2019.  However, when system center queries the computers and returns a product version number, I get the following numbers (see below).  Can somebody please point me to a revision matrix that shows what version of Edrawings is what?  I have attached an example that someone made for the different builds of Windows 10, if you aren't exactly sure what I mean. 


Windows 10 version history - Wikipedia


These are the Product versions that SCCM is returning:






I am assuming that the ones starting in 18 are Edrawings 2018, the ones starting with 17 are Edrawings 2017, but I can't be sure, and I have no clue what the versions starting with 1 are.  Any help is greatly appreciated.


Should be some very simple-to-find documentation, but as always, google results are convoluted with a million Solidworks forums that have nothing to do with what I'm actually looking for.  I've got to the point where I've started searching "What I am searching for" to exclude the whole solidworks domain!! :-(