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What do you think about user groups?

Question asked by James Adkins on Mar 14, 2019
Latest reply on Mar 21, 2019 by James Adkins

Do forum participants attend user group meetings and what are your reasons for attending or not attending meetings in your area.
If you will share your thoughts on this topic, good or bad, it will help us (me) make my group better and more beneficial attendees as well as enticing to those who do not.
If you do not attend meetings, what is required to peek your interest and get you involved?

I am adding some points to this as a result of thoughts sparked by comments below. These will be in red text so that you can add to your comments if you care to. I will continue to update this as responses are added.

Some specific questions include:

  1. What is a reasonable distance to travel to a meeting (Miles)
  2. What times of day would be best for meetings?
  3. What are the most important points of the meeting?
  4. With respect to the presenter, do you prefer expert level presenters (VARS, SW Employees, etc) or knowledgeable someone from the group?
  5. Should groups offer different level presentations at each meeting? Ie. Intermediate/advanced.
  6. Have you presented at a meeting or would you like to?
  7. User Group Name
  8. Presentation topic
  9. Presenter qualification
  10. SWAG (Door Prizes)
  11. Location
  12. Food (Pizza, Subs, other)
  13. Cost
  14. Meeting day of week
  15. Convenience
  16. Method of notification (email, SWUGN site, text, linkedIn, other)
  17. Do you prefer virtual or physical meetings
  18. Number of annual meetings a group should have
  19. Version of SW
  20. How far are you from the closest user group
  21. Do you visit

Thank you for the time and thoughts provided. Your insight will guide our group forward and make it a better experience for all.