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visbility of previous versions in EPDM

Question asked by Shawn Casebolt on Mar 14, 2019

Just recently upgraded to 2019 and are now having an issue with visiblity of files.


Prior to the upgrade, if we moved a file into a state that users did not have permissions to view, then the user could not see those files.  You could run a search and it would come up empty......PERFECT behavior


Post upgrade - users can see files when they run a search.....however its not the latest version....seems to be the last version they had permission to see.


I found this because someone from mfr came because installers told them the part was 2" off.  I went to trouble shoot and noticed they had version 7 of 10. tried to get latest and it just wouildnt do it.  Then I realized it was in a state where they should not be able to see it.  Once I changed state to released, they were able to get version 10 and all was good.  Then it happened again...........different user, different document, different workflow, different file type............thats when I realized something has changed........any ideas?  This is scary and cause some major problems.