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Check in - 'read from file'

Question asked by Paul Fox on Mar 14, 2019
Latest reply on Mar 22, 2019 by Paul Wyndham

Good afternoon,


I am a single seat user of Solidworks and I have been using WPDM to control my CAD data for the last few years. I am looking to migrate over to PDM Standard this year but have a question about checking in files via WPDM.


Can someone confirm for me that checking in a file as 'READ FROM FILE' means that it is simply overwriting the existing file while keeping the revision the same?



I have a part which I have checked in as revision 'A-01' - I have then gone in and made a change but rather than selecting the next revision in line I have checked the part in as 'A-01' again via the 'read from file' selection.


I used to do this when making changes which didn't physically alter a part (example, I went in and added a property field to a lot of my parts and rather than changing the revision to 'B' or 'A-02' I would check in as 'read from file' to overwrite the existing data and keep the same revision).


Can someone please confirm the above is correct (checking in as 'read from file' simply over writes the existing revision with the new file while keeping the same revision and that it is not going to effect the migration over to PDM Standard in anyway?


I now follow a system where if I make change like the above I simply check in as A-02 etc. and only go up to B when a physical change is made.


Many thanks,