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Library part in drawing relations/parts are hidden/suppressed

Question asked by Gabi Glaezer on Mar 14, 2019
Latest reply on Mar 15, 2019 by Gabi Glaezer

Hi experts,

I tried to find a solution but have not had much luck so maybe someone here can help me.

I am using Solidworks 2014 and have designed a Table and created a drawing from the 3D model a while ago but with the same version of Solidworks I am using now.

Later I had to add some Rud lugs (in red) from the library to the part (not assembly) and positioned them with the Body/move/copy command.

My 3D model is changed now and looks fine but in the drawing 3 of the 4 rud lugs are hidden/supressed and one is in the wrong position

because the Body/ move constraints are hidden/supressed.

I tried to unhide or unsuppress them but it just doesn't work partly because I don't even have the menu to show or unsuppress anything.


If anyone had this or knows a solution and would share this I would really appreciate it.

I am relatively new to solidworks and have checked the different configuartions if they are making this problem without success and just don't know where else to look.


Thank you in advance!