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How to store text data in drawing documents

Question asked by Hiyel Kar on Mar 13, 2019
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I would like to store a string (a few characters long) in drawing documents, so that I can retrieve it later. I want my macro to be able to read and modify it when needed.


iNote interface has a "TagName" property, that a macro can read and modify. I don't know the purpose of this property since it's not accessible from SolidWorks' user interface, but only through the API. Essentially, such a property in the iDrawingDoc interface or IModelDoc2 interface would be exactly what I need. But they don't have it.


Would anyone know how I can achieve this?


I tried using a hidden iNote as the text storage, but it's cumbersome because notes belong to sheets not to documents. So I would have to traverse all the sheets to find my hidden note before reading/modifying.


Thanks in advance!