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Best Practice in designing motor cycle fearing?

Question asked by Mm S. on Mar 13, 2019
Latest reply on Mar 13, 2019 by Paul Salvador

I am designing the front fearing for a motor cycle and I wanted to know the best approach in designing this? Currently, I am exporting the frame of the motorcycle as a part and then designing the fearing using surface modeling around this frame. The issue with this approach is that the fearing is in parts and when I'm done designing the fearing, the only way I can think of exporting my fearing part itself is by exporting the part file with the frame and fearing present as a step file. When I do that, the fearing part does open by itself, however it says "imported" instead of me seeing all my surfaces and planes.


Is there a way I can design the fearing using surface modelling by using the frame as a reference and then get rid of the frame itself without losing my design history on the fearing itself?