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Why do I have several options grayed out in my part file?

Question asked by Patrick Dunleavy on Mar 13, 2019
Latest reply on Mar 13, 2019 by Jim Wilkinson

I have a part that consists of an extrusion and an additional sketch, which has several blocks in it. Among others, I have the following options grayed out:

• New

• Open

• Print

• Make Drawing from Part

• Make Assembly from Part

• Save/Save As (most important for me right now)


I've tried the following:

• Rebuild

• Editing both sketches just to close them out to make sure it is not somehow stuck in Edit Sketch

• Editing all blocks just to close them out to make sure it is not somehow stuck in Edit Block

• Keyboard shortcuts for the grayed out functions

• Rolling the Design Tree back to square one

• Deleting everything in the Design Tree


Nothing, not even making it an empty part file again, will make these options available to me. What am I missing? I would really rather not have to start this file over. The second sketch took some time. I thought I was saving along the way, but it turns out Ctrl+S wasn't doing anything for me. Any help or suggestions are appreciated.


I'm using SW 2016 in Windows 7 by the way.


Edit: After trying Dan's suggestion, I unintentionally closed the part file while trying some other things. I opened the part back up and it was missing the second sketch and all of its blocks because it hadn't been saved since that state. I will update after recreating the second sketch on whether or not that same issue arises.


Edit 2: The recreation of the file went well. I created a similar, more simple test file and found that I lose those options as soon as I edit a block within the part file. Even though I completely exit that edit.