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solidworks 2019 design tables contour lines disappears in a drawing

Question asked by claude berthiaume on Mar 13, 2019

SolidWorks 2019, Windows 10 build 1809


For the last ten years, I used to import my design tables in drawings to be able to use only one sheet for multiples similar parts.

Recently (about three weeks), inserting design tables start to show display problems never seen before. (May be related with new Windows 10 build 1809 as it began approximately at the same time). The first picture show what my design tables used to look like and the second, what is the problem now.

(Note that only the native fine lines of the Excel tables are showing. Any custom detailing made to the cells disappear.)



In the part itself, the design table display does not change, only once inserted in the drawing is the problem happening.

Working around that problem for some days now, I found that, by saving the design table as external file linked to the part prior to insert it in the drawing, seems to solve the display problem. The only draw back using this method is that each time parts, assembly or drawings are saved, each and every parts containing a design table (mostly all of my parts) open to update and save the table and then close. Needless to say that this extra step can take a lot of time and is prone for Excel crashing ending with being force to crash SolidWorks as well.

Can't find anything over the net so far and I wonder if anybody got a similar problem.






After many tests, I noticed that all my templates that include Design Tables behave the exact same way. Yesterday, I tried to delete one template's Design Table and made a new one from scratch in the same template just for the sake of testing. Guess what? It works as before my problem append. It seems that something either in SW 2019 or in Windows 10 build 1809 (or both) is allergic with old Design Tables and not with fresh ones.


Of course, having to redo all Design Tables on all of over 100 templates is somewhat annoying.


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