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154 free SolidWorks tutorial videos

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The story so far...

In 2006 I started making SolidWorks tutorial videos and had a paid service where you could access them. I have since let the site go. So I have decided to release all of these for free on YouTube. No strings attached, no sign ups, no bait and switch just good CAD tutorial videos for you to improve your life using SolidWorks. Thank you to all those that supported me in the past and enjoy the knowledge. Please share this around if you find it helpful. Maybe save someone from some costly course when they can get it for free. Then tell them they owe you a coffee.

I am switching gears on my channel to more maker-centric and having some more fun building stuff. I call the new series "B.S. with Ben" ("Build Stuff with Ben", what did you think I meant? ) Occasionally there will be CAD involved in my projects and more tips and tricks will be found there. Feel free to subscribe to my channel if you would like to see that. If not no big deal just hit the link below for the SolidWorks video playlist and you will forever have access to my SolidWorks tutorial videos in perpetuity...


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