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Do welded corners work on a part converted to sheet metal?

Question asked by Ken Lux on Mar 13, 2019
Latest reply on Mar 14, 2019 by Ken Lux

Using SW 2017 SP5.0, and a part converted to sheet metal I have been unable to get the welded corner to do anything except say that it "Failed to create welded corner." Help is useless. I found one forum answer that I couldn't follow, but it looked like it just worked.


Has anyone ever gotten this feature to work with a converted part?

If so, what steps did you use and what settings did you have for the ripped edges? (Open butt, underlap, overlap? Overlap ratio value? Gap size?)

Did you have to use close corners first? If so, how did you avoid having a step in the corner?


I'm getting really tired of Solidworks features that don't work as advertised and/or have completely superficial documentation in the help section.