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2018 SP5 not able to open 2019 files??

Question asked by Kevin Maloney on Mar 12, 2019
Latest reply on Mar 13, 2019 by Josh Brady

We are currently running SolidWorks 2018 SP5. However, we have an outside contractor who is operating in 2019, and providing us with parts and assemblies in this version. We have 2019 installed on only one of our systems, to support the work of this outside contractor. And despite our Engineer's best efforts to keep that project isolated from the rest of our day-to-day design work, there has been some "cross-pollination" of 2019 files in our libraries.


That said, it was my understanding that SP5 of a prior version should be able to open files from the next major release, possibly with the loss of some intelligence in the part. This however, is not what we are experiencing.


We are finding that when we try to open assemblies in 2018 SP5 that may have a few stray 2019 files, we receive an error similar to the following:


And the file comes up as suppressed in the Assembly Tree.


What strikes me is not only that SolidWorks can't seem to open the 2019 files in 2018 SP5, but that it identifies the file as being open by a different user (who doesn't have 2019 installed)


Any thoughts on a work around for this issue?