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Saving as JPEG, PNG, Etc, Showing Environent Image

Question asked by Eli Josephs on Mar 12, 2019

Hello all,


Hopefully I have the right place. I think saving as an image file is technically an export.


I am trying to save an image of a large assembly as a JPEG or PNG file, so that I don't have to wait 2 hours for PhotoView to render the image. I need to make a few images with different perspectives, so it would take a long time if I relied on PhotoView.


I am using the "Print Capture" option so I can have a nice high quality image.


I want it to show the environment as the background for the image. In this case, I am using "Rooftop," which has a nice skyline as the environment image. It works fine in PhotoView, but refuses to show up in a directly saved image. Instead, the default "Image" background shows up (the blue and white color background for Rooftop).


If I select "Remove Background" in the image options, and save as a PNG so that I can add my own background image, the saved PNG file is empty. I can save as a JPEG and have a pure white background, but I have white parts in the assembly that will keep me from easily editing a background in. I also have glass parts, which show the scene on the other side, which makes this even more bothersome.


Does anyone know how to save an image with the envornment image as the background?

Or, does anyone know how to fix the issue of PNG files with the "remove background" option not showing up?




As an example, I'd like to be able to save an image like this:


Thank you!