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STP Export - Mate Controller Settings Lost

Question asked by John Wayman on Mar 12, 2019
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I have a large assembly with a number of sub-assemblies within it. One of the sub-assemblies, a robot, has a mate controller. The mate controller results in a number of configurations of the robot, each depicting the robot in a different pose.

The top level assembly was originally saved and checked in to PDM Standard with the robot in pose 1.

I now want to export the top level assembly as a STP file, but with the robot in pose 2.

I have checked out the top level assembly, set the robot sub-assembly from lightweight to resolved and clicked the 'pose 2' robot configuration. A quick rebuild and the model looks the way I want it to. I saved the top level assembly and checked it in to PDM Standard.

I then Save As a STP file and everything looks good.

However, when I open the STP file in eDrawings, the robot has reverted to pose 1. Not what I wanted at all.


What am I doing wrong?


Do I need to check out the robot and save it in pose 2? surely not, I should be able to use a sub-assembly in whichever configuration I want to in a top level assembly without having to change the sub-assembly, as long as the configuration already exists, shouldn't I?


I'm beaten. I need to send this CAD data to the customer today, and I can't create the STP file the way I need to.


SW 2018, SP5