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Stretch Entities on Splines

Question asked by Ken Ballinger on Mar 11, 2019

Hello SW Forum,


I am trying to stretch a spline. I am not able to achieve uniform stretching with the Stretch Entities interface. Here is a simplified example.



Spline Before Stretch Entities 031119 KB.JPG



Spline After Stretch Entities 031119 KB.JPG


Notice the spline does not scale proportionally in either direction. The spline represents the outside of a fired ceramic surface that was formed as a revolve about the vertical axis. Let us assume this is my final process target. The production material (clay) has anisotropic shrinkage during firing so I need to be able to scale it up in two different directions at different rates. Also, I need to make some additional edits to the profile AFTER it is scaled up but before I turn it into a 3D revolve, so I cannot simply use the 3D scale option on a revolve of the "fired" spline.


Any suggestions? I think stretching a sketch in the X OR Y direction should not be so tricky.

I tried this with a block, too. It only moves the block.


I'm using SW 2014 for this project.


Thanks All,