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Help with orthotropic material properties for a spherical geometry

Question asked by Adam Skoeld on Mar 12, 2019
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I am having issues with a simulation of mine. I have built a ball, a perfect sphere, modeled it as a solid body, and created a special carbon fiber epoxy material to use for the ball. The carbon fiber is linear elastic orthotropic, so I need to define a reference geometry when creating the material. However, since I have a spherical geometry I don't know which reference to use. I have searched online and on this forum, but the best I could find was how to set it for a cylindrical geometry, as in this guide: 2011 SOLIDWORKS Help - Isotropic and Orthotropic Materials . To clarify, I want to do exactly the same thing as the linked guide does for a cylindrical geometry but for a spherical solid body geometry, as in one axis (eg. Z) being the radius of the sphere, and the other two axises (eg. X and Y) giving the plane tangential to the sphere's surface for every point on the spherical surface. Is this possible?


Thankful for any help!