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PhotoView 360 Adds duplicate and offset components to assembly after rendering

Question asked by Ken Lux on Mar 11, 2019
Latest reply on Mar 14, 2019 by Ken Lux

SW 2017 SP 5.0


Assembly loaded. Render in PhotoView 360. Now model has duplicate components from a subassembly. Duplicates are slightly offset from the actual components - all the same amount in the same direction.


Went back to assembly from PhotoView 360 and duplicate components are in the model, clickable, and selected when actual components are selected in the feature manager tree. Open up subassembly, and duplicates aren't there. Save the subassembly or the component and then duplicates are no longer created on rendering.


In what world is it a good idea to allow PhotoView 360 to modify the actual model?!?!


Is this a known bug?

Is this fixed in 2018? (I'm guessing no - each new version of SW breaks something that used to work).


It's just too risky to try to use PhotoView 360 if it is going to start changing the model. Guess I'll have to do without renderings.