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Serial Number: Manufactured and Purchased Parts in Same Folder

Question asked by Joseph Rinek on Mar 11, 2019
Latest reply on Mar 11, 2019 by Joseph Rinek

Hi All,

We have PDM Pro and are using serial numbers for our manufactured parts. The serial number applies to our "PartNumber" custom property and is set as "default overwrites" which works perfect because when people copy in a file from outside the vault into the project folder, a serial number is automatically assigned. A serial number is also assigned when creating a part or assy from a template.


We just have a toggle radio button on the data card for manufactured or purchased with some controls that get hidden. My main issue is with purchase parts. They are kept in the same folder as the project, but I don't want to burn serial numbers for every purchase part that is made because we don't use serials for them, we only use our stock number if it's inventoried or else the manufacturer part number if it's not.


A serial number will be burned if a purchase part is created with a template or if it is copied from outside the vault directly into the project folder.


How can I prevent this? Is the only solution a standard work practices to create or import purchase parts in a separate folder that has a data card that does not assign a serial? I know this will work but then they need to remember to move it to the project folder. Maybe combine it with a dispatch that prevents any part or assy with the manufacturer part number populated from being added to the vault in the project folder? I assume hiding tabs on a data card will not prevent a new serial from being created? Specifically looking for a way to add a purchase part to the project folder without generating a serial number.


Thanks in advance for any suggestions or input.