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Equation Goal as next Design Point?

Question asked by Tim Haines on Mar 10, 2019

Hi there.

I am running an external flow flow simulation Goal Optimisation on a marine propeller. I have set a rotation speed for the propeller, and I am hoping to learn the steady state velocity of this (Initial Fluid Velocity is the input of the goal optimisation). As thrust is inversely proportional, thrust will eventually converge with drag. Hence my first idea was to do a goal optimisation to 0N of resultant force where Fr = Thrust - Drag (I have drag calculated in another Equation Goal). This was taking a very long time to converge, so I was calculating velocity based on the thrust (using another equation goal, derived from a drag curve), and inputting this manually in What If Analysis, and this was converging much faster. My question is this: Can you select a goal, or any other ouput, as the input for the next design point in a Goal Optimisation?