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Separating pipes and converting it to a layout

Question asked by O'Neal Williams on Mar 8, 2019
Latest reply on Apr 20, 2019 by O'Neal Williams

I am designing a part made of tubes using the standard sketch tab.  I read that you can pull a model apart using "insert into new part".  I attempted to execute this method but it selected the entire model.  I am trying to build a model using pipes then pull the model apart so I can then make the pipe flat so I will have the coup contour as a flat sheet.  Is it possible to build a pipe model and pull each pipe apart using the standard sketch or do I have to build the model using the sheet metal tab?  It looks like using the sheet metal tab, the model will be built using sketched lines.  Once the lines are drawn, the pipe can be selected from the SolidWorks library to build off each line drawn.  Once the pipes have been overlaid, SolidWork builds coups at the joints where each pipe meet each other.  At this point, the pipes can be pulled off separately and saved as a separate file using the method stated above.


Any guidance you all can provide will be greatly appreciated.