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Mating problem with curved surface, can you help?

Question asked by Jay Mallinson on Mar 8, 2019
Latest reply on Mar 13, 2019 by Jay Mallinson

Hello. I am trying to mate surfaces of two parts. I have tried tangent mating and cam following, but cannot get mate to behave as it would in real life. So the yellow module slides into place in the direction of the arrow. It has a cutout surface (labelled 1) which interferes with the surface of the grey hinge like part. This interference causes the grey hinge to rotate about a pivot point.



During the first interference (labelled 1 below), the yellow module has a surface with a non aggressive angle of attack, then when the second curve interferes (labelled 2 below) the hinge rotates much quicker. But I cannot get the mating right in Solidworks. When I tangent mate this surface (which is a spline to ensure I can select the whole surface) it only responds to interference on one section of the surface. Any ideas?