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Rendering meshes in perspective- Alpha channel on-edge?

Question asked by Luke Thompson on Mar 8, 2019

I'm trying to render fiberglass screens from various perspectives. I've made a screen material and generated color, specular, alpha and bump maps to make the appearance realistic, but when the screen is viewed from an angle, the alpha channel loses it's affect since the screen material has a slight depth, but the alpha channel is only 2 dimensional. The specific screen i'm working on is pleated. In the image shown below, I would expect the alpha channel to make edges around where the alpha channel takes affect.


Short of modelling the screen holes in solidworks, is there any trick to getting screens to render in perspective correctly? Decals maybe?


The area between the Front and Back surface of the screen is empty. I would expect an option to make this behave like a solid.



I would expect to see dark areas where the crease in the screen pleat is. Instead, I get light areas where the alpha channel is on-edge.