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Moving multiple sketches

Question asked by Justin Martin on Mar 8, 2019
Latest reply on Mar 15, 2019 by Harrison Johnson

Hey guys,


New-again to Solidworks (10 year hiatus.)


I am working on a 2 seat airplane design, so most of my surfaces require lofting. After running CFD in OpenFoam, I would like to move the wing back 2" and down .5". Apparently I still need to work on my organizational and design methods.


The wing is based on multiple sketches, to then be lofted. The sketches are obviously children of other planes/sketches, etc....


Is there a way to move the wing back 2" and down .5?" Can I make is a separate part?


In the long run all my surfaces (fuselage, tail, and wing) will be given thicknesses, then parts will be pulled from those shapes (Bulkheads, brackets, etc)


- Attached is a picture of everything that needs to move 2" aft, and .5" down, in blue.




Thanks guys!