Neil Larsen

Touch screens - sorta OT (ATM)

Discussion created by Neil Larsen on Mar 27, 2009
As a diversion from the humdrum of waiting for your model to rebuild here's a wee off topic post.
More especially its for all you die hard tech fans keeping up with cool stuff.

Here is a link to a YouTube video for EON Touchlight - you might like to check out some of the related videos too

and further a homemade multitouch experiment link2

I'm really not sure multitouch has an application in CAD because it seems to lack pointing precision but I guess someone will try to put it in anyway

As for multitouch itself I'm not convinced that people would want to poke their greasy fingers at a screen - although perhaps augmented by voice recognition- or that someone could be comfortable doing so all day vs using a mouse but...

besides you'd have to clean it all the time to see the pixels properly

I tend to think this will end up in the rarely used or impractical basket with stuff like 3d glasses

If you have ideas how multitouch could be used for SW purposes successfully ( other than presentations) I'd like to hear about it.
I'd think using 2 mice at once for a regular screen would be more useful...