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Why is activating draftsight so horribly problematic?

Question asked by Gordon Rigg on Mar 8, 2019
Latest reply on Mar 11, 2019 by Gordon Rigg

We have a bit of work for our apprentices to use and we want them to use draftsight.

These guys are not so worldly wise and of course they used up any time they had for free use without sorting out the registration and now we are stuck.

We have the 'congratulations you have registered' emails.

But activation still fails.

clicking to try again with another email address doesn't work.

re-installation doesn't work.

How do I clean this useless piece of software off all the pcs these guys have tried to install on and get back to a clean start to try to get at least one draftsight installation to work?

We have no spare pcs left for these guys to move on to, and yes that is what they were doing, going round the building killing draftsight on pc after pc trying to do their work so they wouldn't get in trouble with their boss

Will my VAR offer any help with draftsight issues? I doubt it...


#Dassault, #Solidworks - if you are going to provide a free to install dwg editor then don't tie it down so hard it becomes useless.

Your paying customers need a dwg editor. If it being free means you make it so difficult to install, then charge me $50 instead I will willingly pay that rather than spend the hours it takes each time we try to install draftsight and activate it.

Do a google search on draftsight activation fail and you will see that you have made a nice useful application into a time wasting piece of rubbish. The only reason for a company to offer a free product is to entice customers in with something attractive, you are looking incompetent to 1000s of young engineers every day this goes on.

If I made a product and somebody had to make a handy user guide on how to start using it that looked like this, I would be out of a job!


Rant over. I feel better now.


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