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Hello , New to SW Electrical 3D / Schematic 2D and have questions on 2D Connector footprint.

Question asked by Phil Ackerley on Mar 8, 2019

Hello …………….. New to SW and self taught after 4 weeks working for a European company


I am creating 2D footprints of all our harness connectors and have a concern if I am creating the connector pin information correctly ? (The 2D footprints are not available on certain connectors for formboard and multiline schematic use however we can electrify the 3D model ourselves.


1 - Why can I not see the pin numbers in the Symbol structure like I can see in the Manufacturers part manager ?

2 - When placing the Connection point from 'EDIT SYMBOL' - how can I manipulate 'N:X-C:X' to place it in a justifying position that I choose ?

3 - How do I modify the connection point to suit , maybe I want to show a larger diameter circle of a symbol representing a male of female pin ?

4 - I am trying to place all the I/O Signal names and the only way is as shown in bottom picture but what happens to #P_TAG_ which prefixes my I/o signal name ? If I just place the signal name in completley I loose the 'attributes' ?


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