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DragAligned utility: Horizontal or Vertical only dragging of dimensions (or anything else)

Discussion created by Kevin Chandler on Mar 8, 2019



In some software programs, you can hold down Shift while dragging to force either horizontal or vertical dragging.

In MS Word, for example, holding down Shift while gripping the green antenna for rotating a picture, limits the angles to multiples of 22.5°.

SW doesn't have this type of feature, at least not for moving dimensions. Thus DragAligned.exe is born.

So if you'd like to move a dimension in one particular direction without changing its other location, run DragAligned.


To install: Copy the zipped "DragAligned.exe" to a folder of your choice and run it.

Nothing is "installed" and no mods are made to your computer.

To uninstall: Delete the files. There are no "residuals" left anywhere.


Settings: None. No ini file, either. Just the exe file to run when needed.



Unlike what's inferred in the intro preamble, with DragAligned, while dragging, you do not hold down shift and you do not hold down your mouse button.

For ease of use, you:

  1. Left click (single click only) what you want to drag
    1. If you need to drag multiple items, preselect them, then run DragAlign, left clicking an item in the selection set
  2. Move your mouse to the destination (use no mouse buttons)
    1. Also, unlike in the intro, while dragging, you're not restricted to strictly horizontal or vertical, you will have 2D motion
      Just move to where you want to be. The final result will be strictly horizontal or vertical.
  3. Left click again
    1. If your X movement was more than your Y movement, the drag will be horizontal only, otherwise it's vertical only
      That's it.
  4. If you need to abort, press ESC at any time
    1. If you press ESC while dragging, your items are returned to their original location
  5. This is a "run once" utility, so if you need it again, you must run it again


I mentioned dimensions above, but DragAlign is neither restricted to dimensions nor to SW.

It works most anywhere (I haven't tested everywhere) it's needed.

Test drive DragAlign by dragging a Desktop icon.


Assigning DragAligned:

To add DragAlign as a mouse gesture (or keyboard shortcut), you need to create a macro using the VBA Shell command to execute an external program.

It's an easy macro.

Start a new macro (not record) and all of the lines below, except the Shell line, are created for you.

Copy and paste this Shell line below (edit the path to where you stored DragAligned):

Shell "C:\SW Utilities\DragAligned.exe", vbNormalFocus

Save and close the macro.

See SW Help for adding a macro to a gesture/KB shortcut, if you've not done it before.

In the attached zip file is "DragAlignedG.bmp". This rudimentary image file, circled below, you may use if you wish.



I hope you find this useful.