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Bookmarking the Customer Portal page

Question asked by Rich Harder on Mar 7, 2019
Latest reply on Mar 14, 2019 by Rich Harder

Bookmarking, or creating a Favorite, for the SolidWorks Customer Portal isn't working like it used to.  I've been trying to work this through our VAR but SolidWorks doesn't seem to want to accept that its an issue with their new Siebel Customer Portal site.  For years I had this bookmarked in Chrome and could depend on it to log me in directly without issue.  Now, if I bookmark it I'm either locked out completely showing as a Guest User, partially logged in with most of the options locked, or I get a message telling me I'm logged in on another session, depending on the steps I take to get there.  I'm experiencing this behavior in Chrome, IE and Edge.  I've ruled out that it's not a company policy as I get the same behavior on my personal PC.  I've done testing by trying a combination of clearing History, manually logged out of the Portal, changed my SW ID password, created and deleted the bookmark, etc. you name it.  Nothing works.  For now the only way I can log into the Customer Portal without issue in any of these browsers is to make sure it's not bookmarked, clearing cache, search for and navigate to the SolidWorks Customer Portal so that I can manually log in.  Surely this can't be how they expect us to enter the Portal all the time, can it?  My VAR says they are experiencing similar issues, but I feel I'm the only one at this time saying something is wrong and it needs to be fixed.  Anybody else experiencing this and feel like something is broke?