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Two Drawing views of the same assembly but different revisions/versions PDM

Question asked by Christopher Lewis on Mar 7, 2019
Latest reply on Mar 8, 2019 by Christopher Lewis

This is one of those moments where I get asked to do something. After getting all the info I start to work on the project and I Think... Can I do that in Solidworks?



I did a project about 2 years ago which included Part Drawings and an Assembly Drawing package that showed the machine shop of how to build/put it together. The shop put it together and it looked awesome! Everything my company ever wanted. Sadly this item was going to a Plant atmosphere where they bent it first time using it. Then they told me about all the problems with it... which was lengthy. So, the new task is to "fix" all the problems.

After spending a few weeks on the new "fix the old project". I have come up with solutions, updated the parts, and updated all the drawings. However, I do Not need them to build a second one from scratch. I need them to retrofit the old one. On the retrofit drawing package they need to know what parts to remove, then they need to know what parts to add to it. Super simple!

On our PDM I have the Old history versions and I have the new version I just made. (By the way, I like PDM Versioning that goes between the Revisions. Wonderful idea Solidworks had!!!)



Is there a way to have two different Versions/Revisions of the same model on one drawing? Like View 1 is the old Rev A and view 2 is the new Rev B?


(Otherwise, I may have to pull this drawing off the PDM so I can have two folders of the same model at different Revisions. I do not want to do that on the PDM because our PDM will create all new drawing numbers which is not fun.)


Thank you!