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Where is the bend line?

Question asked by Sergio Monti on Mar 7, 2019

I designed an U-shaped bracket using sheet metal and I did the relevant drawing with dimensions and flat pattern. Everything was fine.

After that, due to assembly problems, I needed to split the bracket in two halves, obtaining two bodies. I decided to keep same model, drawing and part number (bad decision, eventually!).

The model has now 2 bodies therefore 2 flat patterns.

After several adjustments to dimensions and show/hide bodies in views, I managed to put the drawing right. What I miss is the bend lines on 'Flat-Pattern3' in the drawing, although the 'Display sheet metal bend notes' flag is checked.

Whilst I can see the bendline on 'Flat-Pattern1' in the model, as it should be, I found there is no bend lines in the 3D model on 'Flat-Pattern3', even if the 'Bend-Lines3' sketch is shown.

This is 'Flat-Pattern1'

and this is 'Flat-Pattern3'

Where are the bend lines?

I'm using SW2017-SP5.

Can someone please check if you have same results?

Part and drawing attached.